About Us

Portal 92 is a Design Consultation firm, Conceived by a group of 90’s kids turned Architects to comprehend space-time possibilities in Design. We provide design solutions for various requirements and typologies, specializing as Residential Designers, F&B Designers and Retail Designers.  We attempt to engage with the intangible through exploration of the tangible. Portal 92 persists to develop sensitive designs which are capable of interacting with the community/ inhabitants on deeper levels. the


Our team at Portal 92 desires to create works to defy stylistic categorization, focused on creative solutions and innovations centered around Architecture Design, Landscape Design and Interior Design, Based out of Delhi/NCR. Founded by Sagar Goyal and Aanchal Sawhney, The studio combines Architectural research, Practice and artistic expression to provide bespoke holistic/design Solutions. Prior to establishing the firm, Both partners acquired experience while working with some of the top architects and designers in India. 

We aim to continue exploring and revolutionizing the depth of experience that architectural design can create. We thrive on jumping scales from our surrounding macro environs to the microcosms of live : Object  interaction. Our Practice revolves around experimenting with the spatial design, emotional expression, details and materials, While working closely on executing the designs, throughout India.

The professional work and ideas of Portal 92 have been widely published internationally, Making their way to some of the best Architecture publications, Lifestyle Magazines and Platforms. With the commitment towards design sensitivity, Our team ranks amongst the top Indian Architecture Studios experimenting with creative and Offbeat design solutions